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Massage Therapy & Energy Healing


We understand the concern for well-being and taking extra care during this confusing time of the Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic. We have had many clients call asking if we are open, and the answer is YES!  Because we always use the best in sanitation & cleanliness, and continually take every precaution for your safety as well as the safety of our staff, we will remain open for business at this point in time.  Our practices have been the same since we opened, and will continue to be so, virus or not.  

Please note we have NOT had any reports of the virus from any of our staff or clients.

We may have to implement abbreviated scheduling days due to this pandemic, but rest assured we will not leave your hands and feet unattended!  Please call ahead to schedule your appointments and, as a courtesy to our staff (who financially depend on performing your services), please call to cancel rather than simply no-show.  That allows us time to potentially fill your slot with another client who may have needed that same time.  

Please take necessary precautions during this outbreak.  If you are feeling sick or showing symptoms, please do not enter the Spa.  If you have sick children or family members, please do not bring them in. These precautions are in place to continue to keep us all safe and healthy.

We wish everyone continued good health, and pray for a quick end to this madness. We will keep you all posted with any updates on our status as they happen.  If you should have any questions, or need any more information, please don't hesitate to call or email us.

Thank you, and stay safe.

Mary, Julie, Janet, Audrey, Raul, & Emma


Welcome to our luxury spa designed to provide a safe, healthy, pampering environment for the health of your body, mind, and spirit. We work in tandem with an experienced, well-respected physician to offer the best possible treatments. We offer foot & nail care services, massage therapy and alternative treatments such as reflexology and energy healing.

Ooh La La Medi Spa

1525 N. Main Street

Wheaton, IL  60187



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